It All Starts Right Here!
Step by Step to Master
Your Family's Finances

It is time to get your financial house in order. In the first course, I walk you through 10 steps to get organized and turn the lights on in your financial life.

Second, we will walk through the steps to create your financial plan so you feel confident and ready to tackle the future.

Grow Your Money IQ

After you get your house in order and come up with a plan it is time to continue on your journey.

Dig into courses on investing, getting out of debt, using credit cards the right way, managing your retirement accounts, real estate, and much, much more.

Join Me Live!

Join me live for classes or during office hours where you can ask me anything! Attend my monthly wrap up meetings to discuss the markets and tilmely topics.

In addition to live classes, you can also learn through webinars, member spotlight interviews, and monthly accountability meetings. My goal is to help you become great with money.

Case Studies

I love learning by example. Follow along as I walk through creating financial plans for different situations.

You can also sign up to have me feature your general situation in a future case study.

But Wait! There is more. 😀 You also get access to:

  • Quizzes

    Test your knowledge as you progress throughout the education center. Multiple choice quizzes are included with each course. In addition, there are stand-alone quizzes for when you want more practice.

  • Calculators & Resources

    Workbooks, Budget Template, Downloadable PDFs, 401k Calculator, Roth vs Traditional Calculator, and many more resources.

  • Weekly Newsletter

    Members-only newsletter discussing the current market conditions, timely reminders, and unique strategies to help you reach your financial goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I pay for each course individually ?

    No. Once you join the education center you get unlimited access to all current and future courses, live classes, quizzes, resources, and office hours.

  • How much does it cost to join?

    It is currently only $197 for lifetime access. The price will go up as I continue to build out the content and grow the community so lock it in now!

  • If I sign up will you be my financial advisor?

    No. You are not hiring me to be your financial advisor when you enroll in the education center. It is for educational purposes only. No personal financial advice will be provided.

  • How long will I have access to the Education Center

    As long as the education center exists you will continue to have access for no additional costs.

  • Will you continue to add more courses and content?

    Yes! The plan is to have the education center grow into a library of personal finance courses and resources.


Richard McCormack, CFP®

I always knew my life would be spent teaching people how to become great with money. It is what I was born to do. I have a passion for helping people figure out their finances. I truly enjoy it. Not all people are wired to deal with personal finances, but the truth is it is super important to live a happy life. I want to find a way to help people that struggle with all this stuff. I did not start this business to only help people that are already well off.