Course curriculum

    1. What is a Credit Card and How Do They Work?

    2. How Do I Get One?

    3. Which One and How Many?

    4. Terms, Rates and Fees

    5. Breaking Down a Statement

    1. The Illusion of Having Money

    2. The Correct Way to Use a Credit Card & The Golden Rule

    3. Debit vs Credit Card

    1. Carrying a Balance and Killing the Grace Period

    2. The 4 Payment Options

    3. How Credit Cards Charge Interest

    4. Playing the Balance Transfer Game

    5. Deferred Interest Promo vs 0% Interest Promo

    6. Using a Card with a 0% Promo Rate

    1. Convenience, Protection, Organization

    2. Rewards Program

    3. Credit Card Masterclass Final Quiz

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  • 17 lessons
  • 1 hour of video content